Biomagnetic Pairing 

It is to be made clear the Biomagnetic Pairing does Not intend to Diagnose, Prevent,Heal, Treat or Cure any Diseases.  None of the statements made on this site have been reviewed by or approved by the FDA.  If you are suffering from a disease or sickness you should contact you Health Care Provider before starting any new treatments or changing medications

This is a Therapy Free of Side Effects, Perfectly Compatible with any Other Traditional or Alternative Practice.  It is NO WAY similar to Single Pole Magnetic Therapy.  This Technique Reinforces the Bodies Ability to Heal Itself.  It is Capable of Correcting an Abnormal Condition Even Before the Symptomatology Manifests.   It Works, Therefore, as a  Preventative Therapy and Supports and Enhances All Medical Treatments

Biomagnetic Pairing is a NEW, Complementary, Alternative, Therapeutic Discipline That Seeks to Balance Our Bodies Bio-Energy.  Consists of Applying Medium Intensity Magnets Between 1,000 and 1,500 Intensity Gauss Magnets in Specific Areas of the Body to Help Balance Energy. Magnetic Field Energy is as Essential to Life as Oxygen and Water

A Holistic Way to Improve   


Magnetic Energy

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Once This is Identified Thru a Right Leg Shortening, WeThen Know We Must Find the Corresponding Impact Point to Place the Positive Polarity Magnet.  Once the Whole Body is Scanned and the Biomagnetic Pairs Have Been Identified the Magnets Must Remain in Place for

15 to 20 Minutes

Whole Body Scanning Takes

1.5 to 2 Hours -   $75.00 - $100.00

Reinforces the Bodies Ability to Heal Itself, by Allowing the Bodies Cells to Exist at Their Optimal Level

By Scanning the Client With the Negative Magnet, the Body Will Identify Thru Kinesiology any Area in the Boldy that Could be Compromised due to a Virus, Bacteria, Fungus or Parasite